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Our Team

Westminster Travel makes your event different.  From local to global, from annual event to ad hoc project, from a simple quotation to the world's biggest logistical challenge, we tailor made professional and unique event based on your needs and budget.  With our extensive experience, destination knowledge, creativity, imagination, excellent global network of business partners and proven track record, our team of dedicated professionals delivers solutions and results to you.  So now, tell us your need, leave your worries and we will do the rest.


Our Concept
Create Something Different 
“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." 
Henry Ford

Incentive event aims to reward the employees for their efforts to the company, also stimulate and encourage them to bring their spirit to the next year.  This is the purpose and the value of it. To get the best outcome of it, unique event arrangement creates everlasting memory which is invaluable and incomparable for the employee which they cannot purchase or experience in any other where. Pull them to work harder In the future to get a ticket In the next event. And that is one of biggest reason for organizing an event.  On the other hand, an unique event entrust create joy and happiness, an unique event can also create something different. Participants able to see, able to smell, able to hear, able to feel under the unique environment and arrangement, and end up they might able to think and create something different.Just imagine, if Isaac Newton read his book in the library instead of sitting under an apple tree, how can he discover the gravity?


Tailor Made Program

A tailor made suit makes you look good and also prevents from you spending money on some pockets you do not need. Group size, group nature, purpose, company background, participant cultural, and budget, all these elements combine together and build the body shape of an event.  After conslderlng. Analyzing and measuring all these In details, destination, itinerary, activities, and theme can be decided to make the most suitable program and beauty the event itself. Tailor made event can ensure that all your expenses spend on your needs and the value of an event should not be measured by its price; value of an object should be measured by the worth of it.


Event Arrangement 
Little things make big thing work

Preparation and organization are the keys to a successful event, especially for the formal meeting event. Because one little change in a single thing can make a big difference, we believe that everything should be counted and considered in detail before the event to ensure all the arrangements can run smooth as planned.  In addition, contingency plan and onsite support can minimize the harm for the event created by emergency changes and incident.  Well preparation and organizing can avoid mistake happened; well planning and supporting can handle when unfortunate mistake happened.  We know it, we know it well, we plan and check all the detail to make our project go smooth, you should have no worry about this.